Cancellations and Deposits


If you cancel a session it severely affects me as I will have reserved a lot of time for you. Not just the session time but extra time mostly 1 hour before & 1 hour after your appointment. For example a 2hr session becomes 4 hours of my day booked out just for you.

I generally only accept 1 to 2 sessions per day so cancellations have a drastic effect on my income. This is why i must take a deposit to secure your Session.

If you are in ANY doubt that you may not be able to attend your session, don’t book in advance.

If you have a work / family life that is chaotic or very changeable, then just book on the day before 11am and i will try to fit you in during the day. This is not an ideal situation for Me but for the next few months i will try to accommodate some same day bookings. This is only possible for clients i have already sessioned with previously. 

NEW CLIENTS  If it is your 1st Session with me. It is NOT possible to book on the day. There is simply not enough time to organise a proper Phone Consultation & plan our 1st session correctly. For more information on booking your 1st session with me see the ‘Book a Real Time Session’ section of my website. 

Cancellation Policy:

If a deposit was paid I will retain this deposit. Deposits are non – refundable. Deposits are not transferable to another booking.

You will also be required to pay 50% non refundable deposit to secure your next booking. 

NO SHOWS (no cancellation text) are immediately blocked & will never be allowed to re book a session with me.


MY CANCELLATION POLICY IS VERY STRICT & is the same for regular and new clients.



Updated Policy May ’19

New clients are required to pay a 50% deposit to secure their 1st Session booking . 

If you have Sessioned with me before:

1hr & 90min Sessions – deposit is not required, but this is subject to change in the future.

2hr, 3hr & 4hr Sessions  – €50 per hour booked

Vac Bed Experience 90min: Deposit is a set fee of €50  – As this is a special piece of equipment which is set up especially for your use & large furniture must be moved for this.

Over 6 months since your last session with me – Deposit Required for 1hr Session or longer.

Unfortunately i have had no choice but to implement this new policy. This is due to an increase in last minute cancellations from those who have not sessioned with me in a longer time frame.

It is not a negative thing to be asked to pay a deposit, it simply means I have a % of your session tribute if you do not arrive for your session. Which certainly is not ideal for Me as I could have given that time to someone who would have paid in full.

If we have sessioned before & I ask for a deposit please do not take any offence, it is just a simple way of safeguarding my income. I’m sure neither of us wants to see my Business fold due to lost bookings & revenue.

How to pay your Deposit

Deposits are paid by 3 Money Top Up Voucher.

3 Money Card is a pre paid mastercard issued by the mobile phone network 3. You are purchasing a top up voucher for my 3 money card. You can pay with cash in your nearest 3 Mobile Phone Store & Payzone outlets.

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Exactly the same anonymous process as buying mobile phone credit BUT it is for a 3 Money Card. Text me the 10 digit code on the receipt & i will validate it within 10mins.

DO NOT BUY & SEND ME MOBILE PHONE CREDIT. I will not use it and it is a total waste of your money. If your boss paid half your wages by phone credit what could you buy with it? Nothing!

ONLY If you live in Northern Ireland, UK & Europe, I will accept an Amazon UK Email Gift Card to

I will receive this Gift Card within 10mins of purchase. Amazon email the Gift Card directly to me. The receipient (my name) or email address will NOT appear on your bank statement. Your name will not be shown to me or any card / bank details.

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