Cancellations and Deposits


If you cancel a session it severely affects me as I will have reserved a lot of time for you. Not just the session time but extra time – 1 hour before & 1 hour after your appointment for set up & extensive cleaning. For example a 2hr session becomes 4 hours of my day booked out just for you.

For the next few months – I will only accept 2 sessions per week so cancellations have a drastic effect on my income. This is why I must take a deposit to secure your Session.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel your session I will retain the deposit. Deposits are non – refundable. Deposits are not transferable to another booking.

If you need to cancel your session, please let me know as soon as possible. We will not fall out over a cancellation. No need for a creative explanation, just simply text me that you need to cancel. I retain the deposit & no drama! You are welcome to re book a new date with a new deposit.

If you do not cancel your session & don’t turn up for your booking – NO SHOW – I will not accept any future bookings from you. 

 MY CANCELLATION POLICY IS VERY STRICT & is the same for regular and new clients.



I’m only accepting 2 sessions per week so in order to protect my income, I have had to increase my deposits. My session tributes remain unchanged.

New clients – €100 per Session

If you’ve Sessioned with me before: €100 per Session

Deposit example: 1hr Session – €250, deposit is €100 & balance on the day is €150. 90min Session – deposit is €100 & balance on the day is €200. 2hr Session – deposit is €100 & balance on the day is €250

 Unfortunately i have had no choice but to implement this policy. It is not a negative thing to be asked to pay a deposit, it simply means I have a % of your session tribute if you do not arrive for your session. Which certainly is not ideal for Me as I could have given that time to someone who would have paid in full.

If we have had a session before & I ask for a deposit please do not take any offence, it is just a simple way of safeguarding my income. Its the same policy for everyone, if its your 3rd session or 30th session. 

How to pay your Deposit

From July 2020 I have a new deposit method especially for my returning clients. 

I have arranged this for you guys, this will be so quick & simple for you!

It is very easy, discreet for both you & myself & you use cash. For privacy reasons I’m not listing it in detail here. Text me to enquire. 

This will be my preferred method of receiving deposits from now on. I will explain in more detail when we get to that point during your booking.


Deposits can be paid by 3 Money Top Up Voucher.

3 Money Card is a pre paid mastercard issued by the mobile phone network 3. You are purchasing a top up voucher for my 3 money card. You can pay with cash in your nearest 3 Mobile Phone Store & Payzone outlets.

Click here for more information

Exactly the same anonymous process as buying mobile phone credit BUT it is for a 3 Money Card. Text me the 10 digit code on the receipt & i will validate it within 10mins.

DO NOT BUY & SEND ME MOBILE PHONE CREDIT. I will not use it and it is a total waste of your money.

My last choice for Deposits is an Amazon gift card from Amazon UK 

Amazon UK £ Email Gift Card to

I will receive this Gift Card within 10mins of purchase. Amazon email the Gift Card directly to me. The receipient (my name) or email address will NOT appear on your bank statement. It is very discreet & safe.  Your name will not be shown to me or any of your card / bank details.

Click Here To Purchase a Gift Card