Real Time Sessions

When you are ready to serve me in Person, book a Real Life Session with me.

I enjoy a huge range of Fetish, BDSM & Kink activities.

I have a fully equipped Dungeon Room, School/Office Room & Sissy Salon Room available to use during our Session together.

Our Session will be completely customised for your level of experience & interests.

You choose what you are interested in & what activities you want to do in our session.

Each activity can be as mild or as severe as you wish!

Your Session does not need to involve any pain related activities. Many of my sessions are pain free.

I welcome complete beginners with no experience, I’m happy to introduce you into the Femdom world.

It’s your decision if you want to try any activities, I listen to your interests & only those chosen activities will be included into your Session. I do not add in any unwanted surprises. I respect all my clients & their interest & limits.

If you already have experience with Fetish, BDSM & Femdom that’s fantastic. If you are a more experienced submissive with very few hard limits then allow me to completely take over control of your session & activities. You already know what you are able to take & what your limits are. I will thoroughly enjoy pushing you further than you have gone before, if you are willing. I always play with a safe word so you can go as far as possible. With the reassurance you can use it at any time & it will be heard & acted on immediately.

Hard limits are discussed during our Phone Consultation before hand therefore reducing the possible need to use the safe word.

I have 3 dedicated session rooms, which rooms are used will depend on your chosen activities & style of your Session. Dungeon Room, Sissy Salon Room & Office/School Room.

I hold my Real Life Sessions in my own Premises in Kilkenny City, Ireland.

I have plans to Session in the UK more in 2018. To see my Travel Dates click here

For a full list of activities that are available during your session with me click here

All types of Role Play available – Classic Mistress & Slave is most popular. School Teacher, Nurse, Nanny, Aunty, Military the list is endless.

Mistress’s Attire:

You may politely suggest an Outfit Style that I will wear during our session. Eg PVC, Leather, Wet Look, Teacher Style, Medical Style, Office Wear, Harsh Dominatrix Style, Seductive Temptress Style etc

If you have a huge favour for a particular item for example stockings or blouses. Then ask politely if I can wear that item.

I always dress stylishly & quite sexy, you will not be disappointed. I don’t usually wear any casual clothing, but some clients love tight jeans so don’t be afraid to ask nicely.

Remember not all items are compatible with all activities, for example Restrictive Thigh high boots are not suitable if I’m kneeling on the floor for 2 hours with you inside the Latex Vac Bed. 8 inch platform heels are not practical for heavy super speed strap on fucking.

I’m not a dress up doll, you do not get to choose every item I wear! I often choose what items I wear based on the activities you choose to allow me to move more freely & therefore carry out a much better session. I do not session topless or naked don’t embarrass yourself or offend me by asking.


Real Life Sessions

My Sessions are suitable for complete beginners. I welcome anyone with a genuine interest in Femdom /Fetish/ BDSM / Kink and will very much enjoy introducing you the correct way into this realm.

If you have never had a Professional Session before, that is perfect as you will not have learned any bad habits and be more open to learning the safe & correct way of enjoying Fetish & BDSM activities with me.

I understand how difficult it can be to make the first step into physically experiencing an activity that you may have watched many times on Femdom clips etc. I’m here to guide & help you to plan your 1st session & help create a unique experience for you.

Have you tried a few professional sessions or experimented with a partner and are ready to push your boundaries more. Let me guide and push you to experience the next level of power exchange. Allow me to create a customised session based on your previous experience but still moving forward to new territories. I have a huge array of equipment you may not have tried before & I’m constantly reimagining new ways methods for the classic fetishes.

Fear not for the more serious & experienced I have plenty to torment you with. I really savour the freedom to push you as far as your hard limits allow. Why not give me complete free reign over our session. List only hard limits & a general session style and let me do the rest. I will cook up a well planned, sensory & mind altering session.

Tried it all before? Not with me you haven’t! There is always a new way to create a unique experience. When I first stated Professional Sessions, the no1 complaint I heard from submissives who have sessioned for a long time with their previous Mistress was “she does the same thing every time”. This always has stayed in my mind from the very beginning. I feel its so important not to fall victim to the repeat session trap / familiarity with regular submissives. That’s why I constantly communicate to plan & create a fresh approach each & every session.


Why do I have such a strong loyal following of submissives? 

I take my Femdom Sessions very seriously & I truly love my Femdom lifestyle . My Professional Sessions afford me the luxury to live my dream and continuously move forward with my plans.

It has been with the continued support & Professional Sessions with my regular submissives over the past several years I have reach the level I now play at.

I have a undeniable passion for Femdom, BDSM, Fetish & Kink Lifestyle which I cannot ignore or retire from. I’m often told how clear it is that I love what I do from my clients / submissives, which I feel is a huge compliment.

How do we plan our session? During our Phone Consultation we have the time to plan our session before you arrive. I will ask you some questions to help me plan & create a customised session for you.

Remember everyone has different interest so no 2 sessions are the same. No need to be shy about telling me what you want to experience, I have heard it all before and will not be offended by what you may think is a strange request.

I’m very approachable & easy to talk to during our Phone Consultation. Its not a role play session its just an opportunity to speak to me & plan our session. Some one commented on how ‘nice’ i was on the phone. We wouldn’t really get anywhere or make any progress if I started verbally abusing you on the phone. If you want that, book a Phone Session. Our Phone Consultation is a chance for me to learn a little more about your experience, interests & listen to your ideas etc. This is exactly why last minute bookings isn’t the best idea. No time to have a phone consultation. So always try to book 2 or 3 days before so we have time to plan properly.