Session Tributes

Session Tributes

3 hours €450

2.5 hours €400

2 hours €350

1.5 hours €300

1 hour €250


To keep my Femdom Business on track during the Lockdown/restrictions, I think this is best way to secure my income & also give a great saving to my new & regular patrons. 1 hour of session time is my gift to you for supporting Me during the lockdown. 

You can Tribute Me now & receive an extra 1 hour of  Session time 

You can pre pay for a 1 hour Session €250 now & receive a 2 hour Session after July 20th.

This is available until July 20th for both new & returning patrons – you can send your tribute anytime between now and July 20th (yes you can send in installments spread over a few weeks)

You can book this Session anytime after July 20th, If you feel more comfortable booking in Sept, Oct etc that’s no problem at all. I will keep note & it can be booked when you are ready.

Tribute can be sent by 3 Money Top Up Voucher OR if we have had a session before, cash sent in the post (must be sent by registered post, i will provide name, address & eircode) 

When I resume Real Time Sessions it will be on a very limited basis, approx 2 Sessions per week. This will cause a wait for everyone else. I have now created a Waiting List for Sessions. Those who have already Tributed in full for their Session are now are the 1st on My Waiting List. I will offer Sessions to those in order of when the tribute was sent. This is the fairest way, 1st to send will be 1st to serve Me in Real Life! 

Please Note: My Session Tributes have increased from Nov 1st 2019.

My deposit policy has also changed – Deposits are now required for ALL Sessions.


I’m very clear & honest about My rules & boundaries. So there is no confusion on the day about what will happen in our session.

 There is NO sex, NO oral sex & NO oral on Mistress allowed in any of my Sessions.

Dont embarrass yourself or insult me by asking for sex or sex acts, either before or during your session. 

I will not Session naked, topless or in my underwear & I will not remove items of clothing at your request during the session. 

You do not touch Me in any way until you are told specifically to do so.

Listen to my instructions carefully & behave respectfully or you will be removed from my Session. Remember your place at all times or I will end your Session immediately.
Just because you request them, does not mean i will not include an activity if I do not feel comfortable with your behaviour etc.

Facesitting / Body Worship is carried out with my underwear ON, do not attempt to move or reach under my underwear with either your hands/mouth. Body Worhsip is not a free for all or an excuse to grope Mistress.

Watersports – There is no oral to genital contact involved I will be a safe distance from your mouth during watersports, any attempts to make contact with your mouth will not be tolerated.  I will end your session immediatly & you will be removed from the premises.


Information on Tributes:

All tributes are to be gifted in cash on arrival in an open envelope. Please offer your tribute immediately on arrival into my main Dungeon Room, don’t wait for me to ask.

 I understand some submissives are nervous but please have your tribute in your hand ready.

My tributes are listed clearly here if you still feel the need to confirm the amount please do so BEFORE you arrive. I don’t like to discuss tribute amounts when you have arrived at this stage as it ruins the atmosphere for me, makes me feel very uncomfortable & its like you are purchasing something from me rather than tributing towards my Femdom Lifestyle.

You are NOT buying activities / services from me.

You are tributing toward my Femdom Lifestyle and are attending a session to serve your superior Femdom Mistress. 

BEFORE you contact me to make a booking, Please read my website in FULL. So you are informed about all of my activities, rules & session styles. If you email me / text me  with lots of questions which would be answered if you read my website, I will not reply.