Skype Sessions

 Skype Sessions are tailored to each individual.

Depending on your fetishes & interests each Skype Session is customised.


Here are some examples of Skype Session Content

You may wish to chat to me about your interests and discuss what should be your next step. Confess your most secret fantasy to me & I will describe how I would conduct your ultimate session.

Simply take the 1st step into the Femdom world & need some advice or questions answered.

You could preform a private kinky show for Me with your toys & equipment.

Be directed by Me on how to use your naughty toys on yourself while I supervise & encourage.

Ordered to strip naked & be completely verbally humiliated by Me or include physically humiliating tasks

Sissy slaves love to dress for me, choose their outfit or chat about their secret cock hungry desires

Orgasm control & Wanking instructions are always very popular and very entertaining for Me.

When booking your Skype Session include what content/fetishes/interests so I can plan a customised Skype Session for you.

If you wish to see a particular piece of equipment during your Session please ask at the time of booking eg my Strap On, whip, chastity cage

Seeing Mistress stroke her Monster Strap On while being told exactly how she will bend you over and slide in deeply, can really enhance the experience on Skype.

Privacy: You do not need to show your face during a Skype Session, wear a hood or keep your face out of shot, or tilt the camera downwards from your chest. I enjoy watching your cock grow & harden under my command. If privacy is an issue, you can wear ear phones so no one else can hear Me, you don’t have to speak too loudly. If necessary you can just use very vanilla responses to Me & I will just chat away! if your creative you can even have a sheet of paper with “Yes Mistress” written on it & hold it up at the appropriate times! Please tell Me at the time of booking if you are in a situation like this for privacy & we can come up with a plan! 

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t conduct Skype naked or in lingerie. I do not use sex toys on myself during Skype. I’m not here to entertain you, you are here to serve & entertain Me!

We can use Whats App video call on your phone instead of Skype, I have an excellent new tripod to hold my phone with ring light so it’s just as good as skype!


Skype / Whats app Session Tributes: 

30min €100 / £89

1hour €150 / £133

Payment Methods:

 Method 1: Amazon UK Gift Card £ to

This is the fastest and most reliable method to use. Usually I will receive this Gift Card within 10mins of purchase. Amazon email the Gift Card directly to me. My email or My name will NOT appear on your bank statement, so its very discreet for you.

Click Here to purchase an Amazon Gift Card

Method 2: Dunnes Email Gift Card to

 Very important to select the Euro € option (I cannot use the £ gift card) I will receive this Gift Card within 15min – 30min of purchase. Dunnes will email me the Gift Card directly. You will receive an email from Dunnes to inform you when I have received the Gift Card. No personal info is shown to you or to Me, very discreet & private. My name or My email will NOT appear on your bank statement I have tested this method Myself to double check for privacy & personal info etc…

 Click here to purchase a Dunnes E Gift Card 


How to Book a Skype Session:

Text my mobile 085 753 9099 OR Email me

Give the Following Information;

Please state it’s a Skype Session you wish to book,
The length of time – 30min,45min or 1hour (if you are short on time we can do less than 30mins but the tribute will be the same as 30mins)
What payment method you are using – Amazon or Dunnes Gift Card
What time frame you are looking for that day eg between 3pm and 5pm
What content, style, interests, equipment etc you have in mind



Click here for more info on My Skype Availability


Please Note: Your booking is only completed & secured when I have received your tribute. I cannot hold a time slot with out a tribute sent. If you take hours to send your tribute, the time you originally wanted may get booked by someone else. 

The webcam I use is a Logitech Webcam 1080p with built in microphone & auto focus. I also have Professional LED Ring Light. I may be in my Dungeon Room or Lounge when I webcam depending on my schedule for the day. Both areas have good lighting & my pro tripod allows for a perfect webcam position.