Wish List & Gifts

Show your appreciation of a true Femdom Queen by
sending me a thoughtful Gift.

Too shy to book a  Skype or Real Time Sessions?
Then spoil me with a Gift to break the ice.

Want to thank me for a Skype or Real Time Session you really enjoyed?


Irish slaves; If you are living in Ireland the Best Gift is a 3 Money Top Up Voucher – for my pre paid mastercard. Same process as buying mobile phone credit – pay with cash in the shop & text me the code on receipt. I can treat myself to a relaxing spa treatment, new thigh high boots, fetish wear or something special that will be from you.

Click Here for more info on 3 Money Card

3 Money Card is a pre paid mastercard issued by the mobile phone network 3.

You are purchasing a top up voucher for my 3 money card.

You can pay with cash in your nearest 3 Mobile Phone Store & Payzone outlets.


UK, World wide subs & Irish slaves; I LOVE Amazon UK £ Email Gift Vouchers as I can put them towards a larger purchase that I have planned. Im updating my filming equipment at the moment , SD cards, tripod etc. My faveroite fetish shoe & boot brand Pleaser is available on Amazon. Mistress is always in need of new footwear! 

Email for Gift Cards: irishmistresslucy@gmail.com

Click Here to Send me a Gift Card

Always email me after you have purchased me a Gift so I may thank you personally and/or show my appreciation by sending you photos of me enjoying your Gift.

REMEMBER – NO TRIBUTE OR GIFT IS TOO SMALL, I am well aware all slaves & admirers have different budgets.

I particularly enjoy beauty treatments as I have such a busy schedule, I really enjoy my relaxation & pamper time. A manicure is only €30 or a Back Massage €60 in my fave Hotel Spa.

My favourite brand of Fetish Shoes & Boots is Pleaser USA, you can tribute me €130 for new thigh high boots by topping up my 3 Money Card or by Amazon UK Gift Card.


Many like to bring a gift for me when you come for a Real Time Session,

It can be difficult to decide what to bring so here are a list of gifts I would be delighted to receive:

I love beauty products & they are my true favourite gift to receive.

I know some of you like to pick your own gift but please use this list! Im trying not to sound ungrateful but i hate to see anyone wasting thier money on gifts that are not ideal, dont fit me, i have already or just are not what i use. Ive often recieved a gift and literally never used it. I end up having to keep/store it as I dont want to offend the person & its just a big akward mess! Its such waste, no matter if its a €20 or €200 gift.

Its really lovely when you read this list & go to the effort of choosing an item from it and handing it to me in person! It shows you are really thinking & listening to what I would like & need rather then what YOU want to buy FOR me, big difference!

L’Occitane: – stores all over Ireland & in Kilkenny City

  • Almond Shower Oil
  • Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream
  • Shea Fabulous Oil

Hair Care: I clearly have wonderful tresses of super long hair! So im in constant need of My Shampoo, Hair Mask & Heat Protector. I ALWAYS need these! 

The brand name is “Kerastase” & the Range is called “Nutritive”  It can be purchased in all Peter Mark Hair Salons around Ireland & from Amazon. If you are just crippled with shyness you can get a gift card in Peter Marks. They range from €18 to €35 & I can use the gift card to get them.

Shampoo – Nutritive Bain Satin 1 (for normal to slightly dry hair) Click Here for more info

Hair Mask – Nutritive Mask Intense for Fine Hair OR Thick Hair either is ok  Click Here for more info 

Thermo Protect – Nutritive Nectar Thermique, blow dry care for dry hair  Click Here for more info 

A more indulgent Gift I would love is from La Mer – It’s the only skin care brand I use & are available from all Brown Thomas Stores or can be purchased online cick Here

The products on the top of my list are

  • The Moisturising Cream 30ml 
  • The Eye Concentrate 15ml

Restaurant Voucher: I really love going to nice place for a special dinner out with one of my friends. I like to be able sit down, have a catch up & try something unusual to eat! 

My 2 fave places are Campagne (Click Here for more info) & Butcher (Click Here for more info) both are wonderful. They have great service, amazing food & I would love to return again! Just pop in to either & pick up a Voucher to present to Me when you arrive for your Session. Online gift cards from these are not possible, but you could send a 3 Money Voucher & i can use my 3 Money card to pay when im there.

My Kitty: Some of my regular subs have had the privilege to meet my fur ball kitty. She has been put on a special Prescription diet by my Vet as of Jan ’19. This is only available to purchase in a Vets Clinic or on Amazon. Its called Hills Prescription Diet, Urinary Care – Urinary Stress & Reduced Calorie. It comes in dry food/nuts format in 1.5kg bag.

This would be a really thoughtful gift! I can give you the name of a local vet clinic which has it in stock just ask! Or you could send an Amazon gift card & I can order it myself. 

 Wine is a popular gift I receive but please refrain from bringing wine as I’m not a wine drinker & end up re-gifting so many bottles to friends! So it’s not collecting dust in my home!