My Unique Femdom Style


My Style Of Dominance;

 My style is quite unique to me. It changes in severity from session to session depending on the content & style. I have my own true Dominant personality not a fake, copied, OTT screaming & shouting type of dominatrix act from fetish porn. I’ve been naturally a leader from a very young age, the leader of the group! I really love teaching/training someone how to do a particular activity/task and each session seeing how they learn and progress. I’m also a very organised & disciplined person. I enjoy giving instructions no matter how basic or complex. I like things done properly & in the way I describe. I’m a very creative lady and I have a fantastic imagination for all manner of role play scenarios. I relish a challenge and creating new ways to do classic BDSM activities.

I particularly enjoy seductive teasing & orgasm control. This can be done in endless ways so I’m never bored or need to repeat myself. I always want to see my submissives cocks hard. I take endless enjoyment in tormenting them with various implements & body parts.
The harder side of my personality enjoys a very intense session with a large amount of physical punishment. I’m most defiantly Sadistic and the more years behind me the more Sadistic I have become. The more pain he takes from me – for me – the bigger the power trip for me. I know now how far I can really push a submissive (within hard limits) blood being drawn is no problem.
Electrics & painful medical play in Rubber Nurse form is a huge current favourite. I really enjoy old school corporal punishment with my new dragon tail whips getting well used. Basically if I don’t enjoy something I don’t do it.


My Verbal Style

I generally don’t scream or shout during my sessions. That sort of behaviour is far too undignified. I prefer to use my calm, controlling & strict instructional tone of voice. I’m a classy lady and that will never change.

I can definitely be quite sarcastic with stupid or unnecessary questions during a session. A sarcastic tone ideal for verbal humiliation & degradation.
I do not argue or verbally ‘force’ an activity during role play. Activities are always agreed & consented to before the Session.
I have no interest in sailor language either. I have no problem using certain words during a session but I’m not here for verbal descriptions of an cheap & dirty porn script. I use terms such as ‘Mistress Cock’ ‘balls’ ‘ass’ etc but I like to keep things upmarket & classy. In certain role plays I can be extremely descriptive & play more on the explicit verbal side. I love a good whore training role play and enjoy giving detailed instructions of cock sucking while you practice on my Mistress Cock, it all depends on the context.


My Creative Style

One of my best attributes is my intelligence & imagination. I absolutely adore role play and can improvise like a pro. I have lots of my own favourites but I welcome new creative ones. I don’t like receiving a full script, but give me some ideas and let me create the scenario.
I have an amazing ability to read most people and can tell if they are enjoying their session experience, if I feel I’m not seeing the desired reaction I will often slightly change the style of session to see if I can enhance the atmosphere.
I do not add in surprise activities or change your chosen activities. Sometimes when submissives pick a style of atmosphere they don’t choose correctly for themselves. Beginners think they want super bitch Lucy and half way through I can clearly see its not for them. Likewise some imagine seductive temptress is great until they don’t feel challenged or I’m ‘too nice’. I play within our session plan regarding physical activities as I’m a professional and respect your chosen limits. But atmosphere I feel, can and should be changeable during a session. Trust me, I often know what you want, even when you don’t.


My Physical Style

 I do not entertain wrestling or throwing you around the room. I have no interest in a physical grapple or ‘forcing’ on to a piece of equipment. There are ladies who specialise in heavy physical dominance please seek them for those types of activities. I can play very hard / strongly in regards to corporal punishment, super speed strap on, face slapping etc.
I prefer to use bondage and my large equipment to physically hold you securely to enforce physical dominance/ power.


My Communication Style

 During our Session Plan, is the time to really communicate with me. I’m ready to listen to you and learn more about your experience and interests. I’m not a mind reader and you need to have done some research into what activities you want to include. It’s the same as asking a Chef for a fantastic meal but give no indication to what flavour, meat, cuisine you like.

I want you to enjoy our session and return for future sessions. If I wanted a quick money making session I wouldn’t bother having a consultation at all. I’m a Professional Mistress and take pride in creating a customised session just for you. I enjoy every activity I include, if I don’t enjoy something, I don’t do it.
During your session you can use your safe word at any time if you feel the activity is beyond your comfort limit. Please don’t over use the safe word. If your restraints are really pushing your limit you can say ‘Mistress can you please loosen my restraints’ that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t break the atmosphere.
Safe words are very useful during corporal punishment, electrics, hard strap on play, very uncomfortable tight bondage etc Most never need to use the safe word, but its there if you need to stop the activity immediately.

After your Session, I welcome feedback. So you can tell me if you want to push further next time or if you particularly enjoyed an aspect you didn’t expect to. It’s not a minute by minute dissection but feedback is important so I will learn more about you as a submissive so we can build on this for our next session.