Book a Real Time Session

Once you have read my website in full & you are ready to book a Real Time session with me, text my mobile 085 753 9099

 Give the Following Information in your Text;

(do not message me on whats app, you may use whats app if you have a UK phone number)

This speeds up the booking process & saves us both time, by including these 3 pieces of info in 1 text! This applies to both New & Returning clients.

1: Please state the Date & Time you wish to book for.

2: The length of time: e.g. 2hrs or 3hrs.

3: What activities / fetishes you wish to experience.

Do not message me on whats app, I only use whats app for paid chat & for UK phone numbers. I will reply to your text as soon as possible. This can take several hours, if I already have started a Session I cannot use my mobile. Please contact me between 9am and 9pm. I don’t answer random phone calls that have not been pre arranged. I will never call you, I will only ever reply to you by text. If you cannot receive a reply text after a certain time of day, just politely mention this in your text. I will always respect your privacy & understand you may not want texts from Me popping up on your mobile while at home etc..

Booking your 1st Session with Mistress – New Clients

If you have not had a Session with me previously please be aware of the NEW protocols for new clients;  There are now 2 Steps involved in completing your 1st Session Booking.

Step 1 is a Phone Consultation & Step 2 is sending your Deposit. 

  • STEP 1: Your 1st Phone Consultation – Tribute for this is €50 (£45) – This is a once off detailed consultation & this tribute covers my time spent speaking to you on the phone. You do not need to do this again for future bookings. It is just once for New clients I have not met in person before.
  • (we do this BEFORE your deposit is sent & before I agree to accept any Session booking from you) In the unlikely event that I feel we would not be a good match (worst case scenario) you wont have paid a deposit & you will have had an enjoyable phone chat with Me. 

Please allow at least 45min for Our Phone Consultation. It may take up to 1hour if you have a more complex Session in mind & I need to ask you more detailed Qs etc. I also need to vet you & get a better feel for your personality. See if We will be a good match & if we will both enjoy our Session together. I’m very approachable, friendly and very easy to talk to during our phone consultation. There is no need to be nervous speaking to me, its my way of sounding out your suitability a little more. It will include, your previous experiences, interests, limits, any injuries/medical issues, our safe word & some safety instructions, we will go through each of your interests one by one & start to make a session plan together, also an opportunity for you to ask Me some questions, advice on how to communicate with Me during our session etc…

It is NOT a sexy / erotic or role play chat (book a fantasy phone session €50 for 30mins instead!) Remember I know nothing about you and you are a complete stranger to me at this stage. You, on the other hand will know a lot about me from Twitter & reading my website and many new clients forget this. I value my personal privacy & I will always resect yours, I’m not looking for any personal info.  Mostly we end up having a few laughs along the way & breaking the ice as many are very nervous! Afterwards I’m often told how much more relaxed a new client is and how much more they are now looking forward to their session! You will get to know Me more, realise how approachable I am and how much passion I have for creating a bespoke session for us to enjoy!

This is your opportunity to convey your sincerity & reassure me you will be very well behaved during your session with me. I take my personal safety very seriously & getting to know you a little more will help with My judgement.


  •  Step 2: Deposit for your 1st booking 

This is sent AFTER we have Our Phone Consultation & I have officially agreed to accept your Session Booking. This will all be explained during our phone call. Allow yourself enough time to purchase a Amazon UK E Gift Card / Dunnes E Gift Card  (for more information on Deposits click here) 

 Same day or day before bookings are NOT possible for new clients. 

 I recommend you make 1st contact at least 2 week or 3 weeks before you are planning to book your session. Then we are not in any rush to have your Phone Consultation & you have enough time to send your deposit. Planning your 1st Session should be an enjoyable experience for us both & not a panicked rush job.

I get booked out VERY QUICKLY, if you have a specific date in mind, its never to early to book it! 

Please keep in mind at the time of your 1st enquiry a date & time that you want may be available. But during the time it takes you to send tribute for our phone consultation, for us to have our phone consultation (may take a day or 2 depending on both our schedules) and then the time it takes you to send your deposit – means that date & time could be booked by someone else! My loyal returning clients book very quickly in a few mins. So heed my warning & book early if you are not flexible with dates. 

What should I do BEFORE I arrive for a Real Time Session?

1: Plan your journey ahead of time.

Use Google Maps to research your journey before you travel on the day. (I will prove detailed directions when your booking is 100% confirmed)

Always allow extra time to find my location so you are not rushing and feeling under pressure. I want you to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy our session.  Not red faced & out of breath. If you are early grab a coffee etc & wait until your Session time.

ALWAYS arrive at the described location, 10mins before your Session is scheduled to Start. If you arrive LATE, I will have to shorten your Session & you will be charged in full. I have to be strict with Session Start times and if you are Late & I will not be impressed! If you are running late, tell me as soon as possible. The more notice you give me if you are running late, the more likely it is that I can push back your start time. 


2: Have my Tribute ready.

In cash. Preferably in an open envelope.  Offer your tribute immediately when you enter my main dungeon room before we start our Session. This is the part a lot of you feel uneasy about & are never sure how to offer your tribute. Don’t be, you are simply giving your Mistress a tribute towards the upkeep of the space, new equipment & for my time.

Click Here for more info on Tributes 


3: Have a shower BEFORE you arrive

Your personal hygiene is VERY important.  Especially if you are planning to experience butt plugs/strap on. You do not have to shave your balls/bum etc if you don’t wish to. But if you are trying CBT,chastity or butt plugs/strap on it is easier for me & less messy if there is none or very short hair. Long hairs get caught in devices & cause unintentional pain!

I will decline to have a Session with you or omit certain activities if I feel your hygiene is not up to standard. Wet Wipes are always available in my bathroom for you, to give yourself a quick freshen up if you have had a long drive. A lot of you have 2hr and 3hr drives to visit me, I totally understand this, once you have a shower in the morning at your home & quick freshen up in my bathroom you will be perfect! 

Showers are NOT standard AFTER your Session, wet wipes are available to freshen up after your Session. (Food Sploshing – Shower is available & included in your Session time.)

4: Wear a Smart outfit.

This is very important to me, it shows Me respect & sets our meeting off to a good start. To maintain the high level of privacy & discretion at my place, you must dress smartly. Please wear a clean, ironed & smart outfit when you meet me. You don’t need to wear a 3 piece suit! Unless you wish! (I really love men in suits, maybe I have a Suit Fetish?)

But I do not want to see sports shorts, old tracksuits, ripped jeans or dirty trainers! 1st impressions are only made once. Dress to impress!  Clean shoes, shirt, smart t- shirt, jumper, jacket & jeans makes all the difference! Would you turn up on a date or a job interview with a wrinkled or dirty outfit? No!

5: Gifts.

Almost everyone offers Me a gift/tip on arrival. A thoughtful gift is perfect way to show your appreciation of my attention & make a good impression.

I completely understand everyone has a different budget & no gift is too small or not good enough. I am a very well mannered Lady & would never insult or reject a small thoughtful gift. No idea what to bring? Click here to get some inspiration