My Availability

Real Time Sessions:

Due to the Coronavirus there are no real time sessions, I will update as soon as restrictions have been lifted.

I’m available WEEKDAYS – Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm. 

I’m available 1 late evening per week 6pm to 9pm (this gets booked up very quickly)

I have very limited WEEKEND availability. Weekends are my DAYS OFF. I usually make 1 weekend each month available for sessions. If you can only book for a Sat / Sun please text me for my next availability.

In order to secure a session on a day & time that suits you booking at least 1 week in advance is recommended.

I now only accept 1 session each day (max 2 short sessions) & these get booked very quickly. 

Important: I don’t take bookings any more than 1 month in advance. This is because I would rather be 100% sure I will be available for our session, than be unprofessional and cancel. Life for everyone, even Mistress’s can occasionally be unpredictable.

Same Day Bookings :

Contact me between 9am and 11am to book, as I start Sessions at 11am daily.

I do NOT accept same day bookings from new submissives. Only those who I have sessioned with previously. 

If I’m in a Session for 3hrs at a time it will be impossible to arrange a session at short notice as I cannot use my mobile during a Session.

So get in contact with me in advance especially if you have a more complex Session in mind so we can arrange your session without a rush and in much more detail.

Im not a big fan of same day bookings as I enjoy a well planned week/day. But I understand there are some who have difficult work & home life commitments, therefore can only book on the day.

1hr & 2hr Sessions are best for same day bookings. 3hr & 4hour Sessions generally require several days notice.


Skype Sessions:

For the next few weeks in April I will be available on Skype a lot more. 

Your booking is only completed & secured when I have received your tribute.

Due to the fact I have such lengthy Real Life Sessions each day, best to book your Skype Session the day before or on the day.

I fit Skype Sessions around my Real Life Sessions so please be a little flexible with your chosen time.

Phone Sessions:

Over the next few weeks in April i will be available almost everyday for phone chat.

Your booking is only completed & secure when I have received your tribute.

Phone Sessions are easily fitted around my Real Life Sessions so just book on the day.